4.2 Colours and training

Today, we have two school systems and two professional understandings when it comes to the concepts of having a profession and a job. We have university education and vocational school education. And this separation emerges all too clearly in our society and it emerges even more for those who are going to or have to make a choice early as a child/youth. Because this difference between studies and work happens before they are aware of their possibilities and their natural talent for adaptation, because a lot needs to be done in terms of brain and body during the youth's time between 14 and 21 years.

For now, it also applies to an innate temperament and a mind's understanding that needs to be in place. They should also understand how the different occupations can affect their overall health for the rest of their lives. They have to make a choice. And making a choice without having learned who they are and what they can really be good at is not easy.

Without a doubt, we need to develop more skilled "hand workers", as we call those who work with their bodies. But that doesn't mean they don't use their brains or spirit. Our brain is so big that it would be wrong to say that the brain is only the material of a mental brain worker.

Don't forget that it is the brain that controls the body's functions.

We should start dividing up our talents and opportunities early in school education, and the school authority should set up far more joint training for all work that concerns our brain and the use of the brain.

Because different choices of manual work are so similar to a surgeon's, economist's or engineer's use of the brain's capacity, the education could just as well have been for a carpenter or plumber or an electrician's basic preparatory work.

This is because this type of work has everyone the same need to use their imagination and ability to see, hear, feel, or sense what will happen in a body, in a pipe or in another type of material. It is about the sense of spatial feeling , respect for those they work with and a sense of dimensions and speed.

In their work, they are present and then you are often in another world regardless of profession, they are in an information field where the brain also has access.

I call it the Spirit world, the invisible and the unattainable and incomprehensible place that we will not give its own name. But everyone uses it, so why not divide the world as it should be?

We need to change a bit of the rigid education systems we have when choosing universities as well. All work is necessary, so the basic education must be that everyone should go to work, and that all work must fit the needs we have in our society.

We must begin to create large joint universities for all types of people and for all types of work that cover the needs we must have to be able to train people to work together, so that everything will be connected, no one will be left out because the person does not fit in an individual's study, because they are group workers. Actually, we all are, and that must not be overlooked. Nor should anyone be trained to become a LEADER, we are too diverse for that. What we need is a group leader, so that everyone can be taken seriously.

In our color scheme, there is not an organ in our body that can manage without help from others. All our 7 color energies are well aware that they and the body are one and that all the colors are one for all, and all for one.

There is an understanding that in our time we have a big class difference, not only when it comes to money, but also in the world of education. There is a shadow of unattainable advantages in the education itself from 1st grade and secondary school to upper secondary school, where we separate people. That there is possibly a misunderstanding regarding our brain's intelligence already here, may be possible. Because we should have progressed further in equal education than dividing them into two groups during youth.

Creating universities of education divided by 2 IQ intelligences, while the remaining 5 IQ assessments become a different class of people, does not exactly show wisdom or understanding of what a human being is. There is a shadow of the thoughts and deeds of the past in this, when you think that those who are trained to be surgeons or learn maths. is a better person and has a greater IQ than a plumber, such thoughts should not exist in our society. There should only have existed one form of a University for all, but with ample opportunities to change study choices during a period of joint education. Theoretical and practical work training are two different trainings that the brain perfectly understands and controls, why can't we do the same at our universities?

We need to work together and let all work be worth the same.

For what will happen on the day when all the so-called working people give up their work?

And who decides who is better than others?