7.3 How do we change?

Only when you learn about what the 7 COLOURS mean to you and you begin to understand that the COLOURS live the way you make them.


Then you have to trust the choices you make, because the choices you make are YOU.

Then you have to know WHO YOU ARE and what main energy you have.

If you live according to your energy and make the choices you choose, you are a personality. And since we have a diversity of choices, it is exciting to experience that even though we recognize some of the choices we make, we are still not the same, but we understand that we depend on each other and we need each other.

So with enough of such people who know what they are capable of, and who understand that we are created to live together and be each other's helpers, it will be enough for us to change.

Without this understanding that no one is better than others, but that some are better at something and some worse at something, we will not be able to change.

But it is this work with yourself that gives you the joy of collaborating with each other and sharing each other's energy. Alone, it takes a lot to be a whole person.

As the person you are, it will require a lot of learning throughout life to be able to become a whole person, but WHY?

Because it requires that you want to do it and you must change your thoughts about yourself and then change your thoughts about how your thoughts towards others are.

This is because you are part of all 7 energies and therefore part of all people. We are all born equal and we have all been given a gift that is the same for everyone.

But letting go of yourself is actually like looking at yourself in the mirror for the first time.

Is this me you want to say, and then comes the hardest part.

What do I choose?

Do I want to change?