7.2 Politics and society

Politics has probably been misused for a long time, because politics lacks what we call the need for cooperation. Because governing a country must necessarily revolve around the fact that we humans need a group of politicians who come from different parties who have different opinions, and then together they must find out which opinions the parties have which are the best for our country and our people .

They should not fight for their party to win, that is too childish. But they must find the best solution together and then they must extract the best people from the parties that are helping to form a new government.

We must work for the community, not as it is now. We have to release these energies, because we are born and grow up to use the energies that cover the needs, we all need. And that's what it's all about, because we only have one main energy, your strongest energy and it controls the choice of how you use your 6 other energies. And the parlement must also do the same, because they are politicians and we must trust the politicians, And it is up to your understanding of yourself as an energy person, to be able to cooperate with your 6 other energies.

But what we have not taken so seriously is that we cannot rule with only one type of energy, because we cannot be one-sided we must learn to understand that the other people have one of the other 6 main energies, which are equally important to you as what they are to others.

 We should learn to know all our 7 energies, so that we do not judge people by the types of intelligence that they think are better than the others. Politics is like mother and father, they should agree that when they raise their children they must be given time to find out who they are. This is how politicians must also think when their main job is to look after our country, the whole country and the people who live there.

But then the person who votes for their party also has to remember that they also have 7 energies that should help to vote right.