7.1 How do we live

Yes, I would like to understand that question, but my thoughts lead me to thoughts that revolve around DESIRE, as this drive is an energy. An energy that I see as a LIFE drive, albeit with more than sexual desire for humans.

If we go back to the beginning of us as humans, two of the humans, Adam and Eve, who were in the Garden of Eden, had a choice.

All human beings began life from fertilization with a sexual emotion, an energy that would give people a pleasant feeling, which brought them together to transfer their genetics to form new, human children.

But because both were filled with lust, they did not get what the Garden of Eden was to teach them. They made the wrong choices, they were already in the sex department without understanding what a great store of energy they had, in what we call KUNDALINI energy.

So when those two, Adam and Eve, were thrown out of the Garden of Eden, two people were left with a part of the energy stored-up: Desire. And it has ruled the whole time.

And here we are today, and we should perhaps go back a little to see how much we have understood of what our energies are and that still keep our power energies going.

Because the fact that we have more energy than we understand is actually something we have to learn, and that is why you should learn more about YOURSELF AND YOUR ENERGIES.

After you have perused these 7 boxes that open up a little about how and why Reality and the Spirit world can be our helpers, you can continue to enter into your own education of yourself. We have an education in part No. 2.

It is a closed world, you meet only yourself, and you will be given assignments; and you decide what you choose, because they are your choices that become YOU. You will live in a closed world with only yourself, because only you can understand and help YOURSELF.