6.3 Colours and interior

Farger og interiør

Interiors are so many, they are found in everything from hotels, restaurants, offices, theatres, homes, boats and cars. In fact, it is also found in your thoughts and in everything that we seek to find our own identity through.


Do we even know what we think and like and where in us such thoughts as: I LIKE THAT.

Where do such thoughts come from?

We think most of us don't know the answer to such thoughts, but most of us can certainly give us a concrete answer when it comes to home interiors; but do we ever think that there are 7 different desires in us when it comes to creating a home.

First our own taste, then our partner, then the children who are or will be and then the consideration of the homes we came from. And the gifts we have been given, as well as the living energies we have within us.

There are many considerations, but it is quite simple if you know yourself and know which energies are strongest in you. Here you will see what you will need most in your home, which colors and which types of furniture everyone will enjoy.

We think it has something to do with our 7 intelligences, their influence is great, and since most of us have not learned to use the different energies that affect our judgment every day, it can be difficult to say firmly; I LIKE THAT !

Creating an understanding of one's own and other people's interiors has, in most cases, mainly revolved around fashions and trends or traditions that are preserved as antiques in larger homes, castles and farms around the countries. Our way of creating interiors has been random, or chance has created it.

In Colour Energy, we have worked with all kinds of self-taught things that we humans have acquired, such as what we eat, what we drink, how we sleep, which people we like, which sports we choose, what we see at the cinema and theater , everything is self-taught. And we thought it was right and proper that you should learn about what you like.

The problem is that we don't have a template to follow, we need something to measure against the things we want to learn about, and then we need to know Who We Are. And that is what we have found out, we have a Personality Test and that test gives us the first glimpse of Who We Are, from there we have to learn about the COLOURS. For the Colours are not like us they are a constant flow of energy in the frequency they are made for, and it is up to us to find the frequency we need to get more energy.

That is why knowledge of COLOURS is needed, when we work based on the color energy the person has and the energies that lie in the COLOURS. The two must be the duality we are looking for when it comes to taking care of e.g. the interior of our homes. We need to learn about ourselves as people of color and we need to learn about the people of color's own personality. Everything must come from us, that is, we must know ourselves so well that we know what we need and when and how to use our other energies, when we need them.

It is like making a new food recipe every time, you know what the main ingredient is, and what is needed to spice up the taste and make it edible, and we know the taste and smell of those we use. The discovery of being more than a person in itself is energizing, and the joy of collaborating with something in oneself that is similar to something in another person is also refreshingly delicious. You begin to see all LIFE around you.

If you want to learn more about our Colour Energies, go to our Colour pages and read our books, you will find them in our Shop and I would recommend the book "COLOR Personalities and clothing", as it covers everything about you.