6.2 Colours and clothing

COLOURS are not just what we call colours, it is only the skin on the outside, as clothes are for us. And dressing up isn't just a game, it's a message.


A naked body needs clothes to protect itself from cold and heat, but it also uses the clothes and colours to promote its personality. Regardless of age and gender, we also dress to be seen.

The question is whether you have enough knowledge about your own personality and the influence of colours on others and yourself?



Colours also have their own language, we call it the Colour Language, and if you want to learn a little more about colours and their effects on everything, we have a separate book called COLOUR PERSONALITIES and CLOTHES, and we also have 7 Colour pages here on the web which tells about what each colour is about.



But the most important thing is that you learn about your own COLOURS, and then you should take a Personality Test, because the test will be your biggest helper, should you understand how things are with your own knowledge and your own Personality.



"Clothes make people" is an old proverb and there is a lot in it. At least clothes tell who you want to be. Today, fashions and trends control a part of our free imagination, You could say that we are controlled by a cartel dynasty of fashion designers who create clothes that are every man's fashion.

In this way, the large clothing chains can be sure that their products will be sold. The more they promote this in their advertising with models all over the world, the more certain that this year's trend will be a success.



Not only does the trend determine what kind of clothing design and shapes we should dress in, it also determines the colours.


This could not happen had it not been for the ORANGE human type. The ORANGE person is the first to rise above all that is new. Style, beauty, cut, sense of colour, proportions, harmony and execution mean nothing to the ORANGE.



What counts is whether it has appeal, and by appeal we mean that it is exciting enough. If it's OK, if it's challenging enough, then it becomes fashionable.


Read more about fashion and colours on our COLOUR PAGES and if you want to learn more about our clothing philosophy, buy the book: Colour Personality and Clothing.