6.1 Who we are


A difficult question as we as a human race live in different countries, where we are dependent on skin colour and body size and where countries and leaders have their own experiences of what it means to be born in a country that has to find a way to live on with the animals and the opportunities the landscape offers. Grenland is not like Sumatra and Norway is not like Egypt.

And we have nothing in common with those countries that have a different belief in a GOD or have other types of life values, when it comes to our dreams and the search for what the spiritual world offers us.

Many wars have occurred throughout Life from the year 2000 to today's level. But if you put everything together in an account of the Earths development, then we have come quite far, but not done well enough for the Earth we walk on and the animals we are responsible for. Because we steal the soil we need to develop, because we want to live our LIFE in a different way.

Now we have almost no people from whom we used to call philosophers either. They are out of date. Now we live only for ourselves and we cultivate ourselves. But since most people in well-developed countries are satisfied with the lifestyle we have today, but there are actually many who are not satisfied. So the question is how we are distributed in the world, because we cannot avoid the fact that we are responsible for every country and every person on this Earth that is intended for all of us. We are a human race, like everything else that lives off the same Sun and the water we have available to survive?

Maybe it's time we see ourselves as philosophers, thinking about what the GARDEN OF EDEN was meant to be, since Eve left it in shame while Adam walked free? Maybe it's time to look at how the situation was right after they left the Garden of Eden.

So how about learning about how we are put together, maybe you want to understand that we humans are the same, and that we are diverse in our use of WHO WE ARE?

It is actually the right time that we start to understand each other and that we learn to use each other differently than we have done so far. We must actually change if we want to survive.