5.3 The world of spirit

Do you only believe in reality?

Then you probably don't believe in spirituality, but it exists, and it is far more powerful and spiritual than reality.

But reality has learned a lot from spirituality via all the solutions and the searching people who have used their spirituality for new inventions, but actually an invention is both a spiritual and a real concept.

Because inventing something is divided into two, because a skilled

person can, by only having something between his hands, manage to make a better invention of the product. But inventing something entirely new is more difficult because it has to be made from something.

An inspiration about an idea and an idea doesn't always just come from

the brain, but from a place where all unknown and supernatural ideas

come from, our spiritual connection.

But because all our inspired ideas have to go through the brain so that we can not only remember them, but also so that we can begin to process

the idea to a result. The brain can do everything, it collects and remembers and processes our inspired spiritual ideas.

That our brain must have a connection to the spirit world and the fact that the brain has a connection to the spirit world feels natural to me.