5.2 We and our dreams

Far behind In the picture we can see the light from Soria Moria, the castle from the adventure made by the Norwegian Asbjørnsen and Moe. And this light gives us something that attracts us.


And this is a longing for something that makes us search further for this something, which can be anything from the longing to move away from home, the longing to learn more about the world, the longing for someone you miss, or simply the longing for something you don't know what it is .

The word or the term in the word is something we use often, because the word something contains everything and nothing, yet it is a word we use more often than we think. I have often wondered if something is an Indigo word that tells about something that cannot describe anything.

This something can also be in the dreamland we find ourselves in at night. And often we wake up with new ideas in the morning, ideas we feel we haven't thought by ourselves, they just came and often so unrealistic that we forgot them. But there can be a lot in such a dream vision that can be used. Also in what we call daydreams. That is, if you get a new idea and make a visual creation of it, like creating a painting, or a new machine that can help us to a faster way of doing a job, or a new type of car, then you have used what many call your imagination, or it could be the creative power that is translated into what you SAW, into what we can SEE, with the help of a brain and thoughts that turn it into a new pattern for something that can something that can turn into something.

This is the energy we will need more of in the future, we will need the type of people who have understood the possibilities of this energy and are open to sharing it with us. It is surprising, however, that primary school teachers have not seen that some of their students have these special characteristics, something that is difficult to explain or demonstrate, but which is there?

Because we need teachers who understand the human energies, who see them and see all the other 6 energies as well, we all need to understand that everyone is intelligent, but in different ways. We already have many unseen people who have had to struggle through a school day because they were never seen for who they are. Most of them do not have an exam because it was not seen early enough that they had other talents and characteristics than what the school system has been designed for.

How long will they continue like this?

A school system that has not understood that it is the diversity of energies in us humans that can be the salvation for our future.