5.1 Reality and the Spirit World

The image is a proof of security and it is an image that we should have in our conscious mind all the time: that we are not alone in looking after the Earth. The question is, have we taken it seriously enough?

Perhaps we have forgotten what the picture tells about and perhaps also about who made it?

Or do we consciously want to believe that there is not a creator in both the Earth and humans?

But we have been given a brain that is linked to our consciousness and in this picture you can ask yourself; what can happen if one hand pulls our consciousness away from Earth and us?

Do we then have a brain that can function alone in the real world?

Can we think without consciousness?

We have already been warned that we are not alone!


The two are the weakest concepts we have as dualities. We can't deny reality, because it is the world we live in, but the spiritual world is still somewhat clouded and hidden. But it is used.

To get an overview of the situation, you have to ask yourself.

Do you believe in LIFE?

Do you know what LIFE is?

Do you know someone who knows what LIFE consists of?

What happens when LIFE leaves you?

You will probably say: then I die. And probably you will continue to believe in Reality and let the Spirit World be something you don't want to think about. This is somewhat similar to the behavior of the ostrich.

And that is perhaps what most people do, but those who belong to a religion believe in the Spirit and God, but that has nothing to do with us. They do not believe that man has spirit matter in him from the day they are born until they die. They don't think we got it to use it. They believe that only God and the angels live in the Spirit World, and then they ask GOD for help and to forgive their guilt, that is wrong.

Spirit is LIFE and is given to us as a gift by God, we can use the material of spirit to develop ourselves. But then something is required of you, you must be able to get hold of the LIFE that is spiritual life.

The first thing you must seek are the 3 conditions of life: FAITH; HOPE and LOVE, then you have to love yourself and get to know yourself, only then can you learn.

LIFE has a future, but only if we are willing to participate in the right way. We can't continue to live the way we do, we have to start clearing a path in our LIVES. It's about more than existing, we have to exist on the right path and that path is built by two entrepreneurs Reality world and the spiritual world. Only when we accept these two important concepts and make them equal are we on the right track.