4.3 Colours and language

Everything has a beginning, even a language and in the Bible it says that; In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with GOD and the WORD WAS GOD.

But not all languages ​​begin with the WORD, and one of them begins with the LIGHT. And since the LIGHT is the source of all LIFE, it is perhaps more correct to say: In the beginning was the LIGHT and the LIGHT was with GOD and the LIGHT was GOD. Our World has many languages ​​and I have called the COLOURED LIGHT Color Energy, an energy that conveys the entire color scale in a vision that we feel and see via emotions that transform into WORDS, with the help of our brain.

So you can say that the COLOURS speak two languages ​​both through the terms that all languages ​​must use in order to communicate on a mental level. And it also communicates with what we call our emotional plane and in that way it gives us a human understanding, that there are two worlds that are in everything. The colors themselves cannot tell anything other than what the light and nature have transformed them into, so we humans have made up the words themselves. But we cannot put words to the feelings they give off other than the words we have created ourselves to be able to meet our need for everything to be words in a language. But the very feeling of the light and the colors they live as emotions in us.

A beautiful sunset, a refreshed morning light, or an experience of Aurora POLARIS that gives us a feeling that we are communicating with something. 

Maybe we do, but we haven't been able to fully translate the message from the LIGHT. Maybe because we haven't learned enough about ourselves.

Because it's not just our eyes that see this, we experience it in something that has a name, it touches us and it's a feeling that most of the inherent color energies we have in our body know. An example is a YELLOW energy that is a mental knowledge receiver, will then be out with thoughts such as: What do you want to convey? Are you telling us something? Or are you warning us?

But it can also be an INDIGO energy that knows this language. But because the person in question not only has an energy to deal with but 7 parts of our human resources, and who has not taken it seriously or has not been open to anyone trying to make contact. Because an INDIGOS instinctive energy will always try to connect with you. Our language in letters creates a concept of something that is real and whose meaning we understand is what we call our reality. But what you feel and sense is something that cannot always be broken down into letters without the person himself giving it its meaning in a word. Because feelings are stronger than words..

We can only take an example of the word LOVE. If you say love to anything you thought was good and made you feel good, eventually the word will be eaten up by abusers. And what about the word TRUTH, it is twisted and turned around so that we no longer know the meaning of this word. But the feeling you are left with after someone has misused the word TRUTH with a LIE, is an emotional attack against you, and you feel it. Knowing the language of COLOURS is not that easy, because you have to be there, it's not like a word you can memorize or remember, it has to be experienced and it has to be felt.

Perhaps understanding the importance of COLOURS in our lives will be the next step in our journey as HOMO SAPIENS that can take us further?

Because without us understanding our connection to the Universe and its infinite world and the insight we must have about ourselves, we will not get far in our exodus from EARTH. We must prepare to communicate new forms of communication, and for now we only speak a language consisting of letters.

What about the blind, the mute, and the deaf?

Perhaps we should start teaching sign language in school, it is good training for children and young people and not least for the elderly.