3.3 Planet Earth and Humans

Green is like nature itself, simple and not self-absorbed, but all the more concerned with helping others. It likes being with other people and it likes growth and well-being.

If you want to do something for Earth's resources? So start by learning your own resources first.

Because it has to start with you, you are one of the world's greatest resources and without you becoming part of the environment of the whole world, you will not understand that it is you and your body, your brain and your mind that ultimately rule the environment that is right for all living things.

Without such an understanding and willingness to want to change the existing, we stand still on our scale for further development of an evolution of Homo Sapiens.

We are part of everything that lives, therefore you must become the environment and you must be the environment you live in. Because what you eat, what you drink, what you use your body for, and your brain for, is what you become, and which will determine what we all become.

It's about Earth's health now and then it's about you.

And since this is something we ourselves have initiated, an environmental situation, which can wipe out more than we can bear, then it is also us who have to clean up this development, and then you have to clean up yourself too.

Look at plants and trees, animals and birds, fish and everything that crawls and walks and sustains life on Earth, they are all the same, they cooperate in a way that we have not managed, they have no mirror to see themselves in, they do not need to dress differently, but they must all feed on what the earth provides. Although the different races are the same, they are all one personality, but they have something else that binds them together that we have not understood.

We have not learned to understand that we as humans have 7 colour personalities which together form a resource of energy. And in total we will then have 7 supporters who make up the whole and make us just like all the others. Except that some are more RED and others more GREEN, etc. and that it is the differences in us that make us work and develop.

We all have this something in us that makes us a Personality and makes us search for the other 6 energies, but we have never understood or believed that they were in us too, that we had all 7 under our skin, in our brain and in our consciousness. We are the colors, we just have to turn to ourselves and find peace with the fact that we are made up of pure energy and that it is time we put them to use.

Because we are Equality and Diversity, we are everything. But since we cannot SEE this yet, we must first BELIEVE that there is a possibility that we are something more than a dying race, that together with the Earth and all that we have imposed on , are on the way to extinction ourselves . But we still have a choice.