2.3 Relationship

The vast majority of people approaching the age of 20 to 30 try a cohabitation relationship in our time. And it is not a stupid thought if you have been educated and have understood what our Life Periods are about. But very few know the knowledge of this experience and then their own experiences from this time can come out badly and destroy such a relationship if both parties are left without a plan as to why.

What is the purpose of our relationship?

And what is the goal of our relationship?

And how much do we know about what will happen to us in the years we are 2 about the task we are embarking on? Society has shown far too little interest in telling young people about the challenges they really face in the first 20 years of their lives. And after the 20 years, there may be another 10 years which can be difficult enough for an adult person to cope with.

In Colour Energy, we have worked on these questions and we would like to share it with parents in our series on: The 13 PERIODS OF LIFE and especially with young people in what we call the 3rd Life Period.

Would you like to learn a bit about how we can strengthen and balance our childhood and youth so that adult life is as it should be? A concept of what a relationship is tells about periods of time. Because

in a human life, you go through 13 different time periods from start time 0 to the end, which sets us down to 0 again as a human being. The relationship period is calculated from the age of 21.

In any case, it should not be under that age, because there is a time for everything. Being developed from a child to an adult requires a great deal of insight into oneself and the person one is to be in a

relationship with. In this time before the 4th Life Period, children have gone through 3 Life Periods and have had more than enough to learn about themselves and their surroundings. In particular, the period of 3rd life has been challenging for young people aged 14-21. Adolescence is the most difficult and most challenging and most developing period for the human body. And not least the things close to

reality such as choosing which profession to develop further in. And society expects you in the 4th Life Period to have completed your education, got a job and started a relationship, so that new people are

born for the good of society.

When I read about all the damaged couple relationships or marriage relationships or the other relationships children are born into, I don't understand how society is supposed to create a better system for how the 4 most important periods in our lives are to be better taken care of. The fact that society has left it up to the people themselves to take care of themselves and to understand how to cope with these difficult tasks that our body and mind must go through is not easy to understand.

Perhaps it is too complicated to intervene in such personal matters as choosing a partner in life?

But if we understand Who We Are, then it becomes a little easier to find the one with whom we can live and develop. And if you learn more about how colors influence your body and mind, you understand the seriousness behind growing up.