1.1 What does the light mean?

What does the light mean?

In order to understand what Light and Colours consist of and what effect they both have on us, we must use what we call imagination, or our research brain. But in any case, we meet a wall. Perhaps because we have not come so far that we are mature enough to understand the knowledge we have available to be able to explore what we ourselves experience as light and colours. But to be able to get this far, we need to know more about ourselves; WHO AM I? and what DO I have available of energy to be able to judge what I can understand, from what I see.

Only in the darkest times of our lives, when we experience life's difficulties, do we understand how little we know about what the light that surrounds us means, and only when we stand in the invisible darkness, do we understand what the light brings us and gives us of experiences.

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