0.3 People and colours

You can find more about PEOPLE AND COLOURS in box no. 2.2. and they cover a good part of the meanings we get from the COLOURS. They give us the opportunity to learn a language that everyone should know.

You then understand better what a human being is and likewise we understand that without Colours, everything is without LIFE. And without LIFE we are not human either. So the foundation of LIFE is tied to COLOURS.

 But without learning about what it is that gives the colours their special energies, we have no opportunity to understand that without having learned what is plus or minus, the good or the bad, then it becomes like buying 2 cakes that look the same and you don't know what separates them until you have tasted them. Then you can assess taste and appearance.

And then you have learned from experience what a cake can taste like, and now everything that separates the two is your choice. And your choice is what becomes YOU. What you choose is and will be you, whether it concerns cakes, or choosing a spouse, or work, or WHO YOU ​​WANT TO BE.