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A little HISTORY behind what lies behind the start of Colour Energy World.

My COLOUR ENERGY WORLD was created after a long period of self-training and curiosity about everything that had to do with people. However, without any goal or anyone wishing that this is what I wanted to work on. But in 1991 I found a booklet about the Seven Rays by Hardy Bennis in collaboration with the Theosophical Association, where the most important thing was the old Delphic mystery temple's injunction to "Know thyself.

Madam Blavatsky once said that knowledge of the 7 rays gives power to those who know them. A lot happened in those years and their knowledge of the old occult literature. Therefore, it became necessary for people to learn about their spiritual, psychic, physical and etheric nature, because: only by knowing themselves can people transform themselves.

It was their view of man that attracted me and made me read more about their main theory. The fact that we as human beings could only transform ourselves by knowing ourselves. So here probably started my thoughts about how I could get the COLOURS and the Humans involved in a battle against the advancing AI Artificial Intelligence. Because we couldn't possibly have been created to create a new world of robots by leaving ourselves in the lurch. A human being is alive, but we can only live as long as the Earth wants us to, at least we don't seem to understand what a human being is.

We are in a bad position as of today.